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 Pre sales service

1. Provide professional consultation: provide customers with information consultation on products, prices, technical solutions, etc;

2. Provide sample service: customers can ask our sales manager to pick up samples or mail samples for free proofing and mailing;

3. Provide inspection reception: customers can visit the company's site for investigation and negotiation, and the company provides professional reception personnel.

Service in sale

1. Fairness and integrity: no matter new and old customers, no matter the contract amount or the size of customers, we will treat customers with honesty and fairness;

2. quality and quantity: strictly implement the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. We will strictly abide by the factory standard of our products for each equipment or every part ordered by the customer.


after-sale service

1. Be responsible for the free installation and debugging of the equipment purchased by the customer, as well as the free training of the technical personnel of the user, so as to ensure that the user can master the operation method of the equipment as soon as possible and put into use as soon as possible;

2. One year free warranty (excluding consumables and human factors) is provided for the products purchased by users, and lifelong maintenance. During the warranty period, all the faults that meet the warranty conditions will be repaired by our company free of charge. If the warranty period is exceeded, the maintenance cost will be charged only according to the cost price;

3. Provide 24-hour after-sales service. Customers need to support 2-hour telephone response at any time and arrive at the customer's production site within 24 hours;

4. Regular visits or telephone visits will be carried out to understand the use status of customers' equipment, and provide technical support services at any time.

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