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What are the classifications of automatic laser welders

2020-10-19 10:02
What are the classifications of automatic laser welders
       Types and principles of cooling systems in laser welding machinesThe following talk about automatic laser welding machine automatic laser welding machine has what kind of classification.
       I. Adaptive control automatic laser welding machine:
       Adaptive controlled laser welding machine is a kind of welding equipment with high degree of automation. Equipped with sensors and electronic detection circuit, the weld track is automatically guided and tracked, and the main welding parameters are controlled by closed-loop feedback control. The whole welding process of automatic laser welding machine will be completed automatically according to the pre-set procedure and technological parameters.
       Intelligent automatic laser welding machine:
       Using a variety of advanced sensing elements, such as vision sensors, tactile sensors, auditory sensors and laser scanners. And with the help of computer software system, database and expert system with recognition, judgment, real-time detection. Calculation, automatic programming, welding parameter storage and automatic generation of welding record file function.
       Iii. Rigid automatic laser welding machine:
       Rigid automatic laser welding machines can also be called primary automatic laser welding machines, most of which are designed according to the principle of open-loop control. Although the whole welding process is completed automatically by the welding equipment, the fluctuation of welding parameters in the welding process is also observed. A closed-loop feedback system cannot be performed and deviations that may occur cannot be randomly corrected.
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