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Laser welding machine car airbag seamless welding characteri

2020-10-19 09:57
Laser welding machine car airbag seamless welding characteristics
      Airbag is essential for vehicle safety configuration. But airbags can be dangerous in some situations, and we all know that airbags and seat belts are designed for adults. What are the components of laser welding machine? The commonly used automobile airbag system consists of collision sensor, control module (ECU), gas generator and airbag.
       Due to the high strength requirements of airbag and the unique advantages of laser welding technology, laser welded stainless steel or high strength structural steel gas generator housing has been adopted. The use of laser welding machine automobile airbag has the following characteristics:
       1High welding precision, repeatable operation stability, high yield;
       2、When welding without welding rod or filling material, you can get no impurities no pollution weld;
       3、Welding airbag gas generator belongs to local heating, the workpiece will not produce thermal damage, thermal distortion is small;
       4、The temperature rise of automobile airbag shell after laser welding is not high, the shell can be welded after filling the gas producing agent, and the welding process is safe and reliable.
       5、Welding air bag gas generator, high bonding strength, water resistance pressure up to 70MPa(depending on the material), high safety, high reliability;
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