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Note for handheld laser welding machine

2020-10-19 10:00
Note for handheld laser welding machine
       Lasers have biological effects (maturation effect, light effect, pressure effect and electromagnetic field effect) as well as normal light. This biological effect, together with the benefits to human beings, will cause direct or direct harm to human arrangements such as eyes, skin and nervous system if unprotected or poorly protected.The difference between hand-held laser welding machine and automatic laser welding machineIn order to ensure the safety and protection of the laser welding machine, it is necessary to strictly control the laser hazards, do a good job of engineering control, their own protection and safety.
       1. Engineering control
       Note for handheld laser welding machineEngineering control refers to the safety measures adopted on the structure of the laser or laser processing system, which mainly includes: protective cover——To prevent the exposure of the staff from exceeding the permitted exposure; Safety chain——Means an automatic device connected to a protective cover that prevents radiation when the protective cover is removed; Safety light path——(c) To close optical paths that can be irradiated to incineration or secondary radiation; Key switch——When the key is taken off, the laser turns; The beam stop——A beam stopper or attenuator can be used to keep the laser beam from crossing the controlled processing area.
       2. Protect yourself
       Note for handheld laser welding machine87/5000 Firstly, it refers to the wearing of fire-resistant and heat-resistant laser protective clothing, laser protective glasses that can selectively attenuate specific laser wavelength, laser protective masks that are used for ultraviolet laser source of dashcam, and laser protective gloves that can prevent harm caused by direct or scattered laser.
       3. Safe handling
       Safety management first includes the establishment of specialized agencies or personnel, clear responsibility, authority, including safety training and medical supervision.
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