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Green Laser Markers

Green Laser Markers uses diode pump source with obvious advantages:The spot diameter is smaller after wavelength of 532nm green laser output focus.The energy is more concentrated.High electro-optical conversion efficiency and good beam quality.The marking accuracy is below 10μm level.Neat marking border,without detonation point or thermal deformation.
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●Small heat affected area, avoid being damaged by the processed materials.High yield
●Extensive use of materials,making up for the lack of infrared laser processing capacity
●With good beam quality and small focusing spot, realizing super fine marking
●No consumables is needed, low cost of use and maintenance
●Fast marking speed,high efficiency and high precision
●The complete machine with stable performance and can run continuously for a long time

Green Laser Markers is very suitable for marking glass products, mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical devices (such as optical glasses) ,auto glass etc.

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