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3D Dynamic Laser Markers

3D dynamic Laser Markers is the processing method of laser surface indentation. Compared with traditional 2D laser marking 3D laser marking has greatly reduced the requirements on the surface smoothness of the processed objects
Product Description Technical Parameters Application Field Sample Display

●Completely closed and maintenance-free laser optical systemno adjustment is needed out-of-the-box
●Strict multi-protection control design suitable for a wide range of ambient temperature ensuring the laser marking system 24 hours continuous reliable work
●Using the international first-class brand laser with high powergood spot quality and stable power lifespan is more than 100000 hours
●3D marking can quickly change the focal length of the laser and the position of the laser beam.Cylinder marking within a certain radian can be completed at one timegreatly improves the processing efficiency
●3D marking adopts the front-focusing optical modeusing large X & Y axis deflection lenswhich can be marked with a wider range
●3D marking can be done deep carving processing without moving the optical path

Mainly used in mobile phone manufacturing LDS medical equipment molds 3C electronics auto parts electronic communications and other industrial products

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