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Fiber Laser Coders

Fiber laser coders adopts high quality fiber laser and equipped with high quality optical devices. The beam mode is good and the system is stable and reliable. The optical is tightly packaged,suitable for a variety of working conditions.
Product Description Technical Parameters Application Field Sample Display

●Provideding multiple scanning heads and precision optical components to realize the required marking quality
●The optional high resolution scanning head can provide extra large identification area and extra wide identification range for high speed flight identification applications
●The ultra-reliable fiber optic laser source can last more than 100000 hours,without the usual pump room maintenance of Nd:YAG lasers
●The efficient laser source is cooled by an internal fan, without the need of external cooler maintenance
●Ultra compact low maintenance solid system,which can process direct part identification and unique identification on metals, plastics and other difficult to identify materials
●Using intuitive software to create messages easily with automatically updated content, symbols, graphics and languages 

Applying to metal products or some polymer plastic raw materials

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