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CO2 Laser Markers

The laser of CO2 laser marker is a kind of gas laser,whose wavelength is 9.3/10.2/10.6μm,which belongs to the mid-infrared frequency band.CO2 laser has large power and high electro-optical conversion efficiency.
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●Adopting imported high quality RF CO2 laser, expander as well as reflector & focusing lens on the galvanometer scanner are of high precision, fast speed and stable performance which can meet the requirements of long time continuous working
The marking control software,on which windows as the operating platform with full Chinese operation interface, compatible with AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop, CaXA and other software output files
●The marks are clear, permanently indelible, beautiful and can be effectively anti-counterfeiting
●Long service life and without any pollution
●It can be integrated with other equipments in the production line to improve the automation degree of the production line
●The marking speed is fast and the marking is formed once.There's no consumable material, thus the operation cost is low
●Fine markings can be made on any regular or irregular surface

It can carve the nonmetal and partial metal material. Widely used in food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, buttons, fabric cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, stone, electronic components, mobile phone shell, notebook and flat shell, backlit panels dotting,PCB barcode and shell nameplate etc.
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