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Double Optical Paths Fiber Continuous Laser Welders

Product Description Technical Parameters Application Field Sample Display

●Compact solution with optical fiber as laser attack mediumno laser attack gas is neededgreen and environmental protection

●The laser output power is stable.The equipment operation process is stable and reliable and the machining consistency is high

●The fusion depth ratio is large and the deformation is small.The welding spot is pollution-free and the welding joint does not have the air hole.The appearance is smooth and beautiful and do not need or only need the simple post-processing

 The equipments are of small sizelong life and high precision.The laser pump source service life are over 100000 hours

●Gauss spotelectro-optic conversion power up to 25%-30% extremely excellent pulse power and energy stability

●Time-sharing double optical path devicesaving loading and unloading timeimproving production efficiency

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