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High Power Fiber Continuous Laser Welders

3000--10000W high power single optical path fiber continuous laser welders
Product Description Technical Parameters Application Field Sample Display
●High aspect ratiosmall weld width small heat affected zone small deformation fast welding speed
●The weld 
joint is smooth and beautiful and no further processing or only simple processing is needed after welding
●The electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser can be as high as 25%.The energy consumption is very low
●The optical devices have long service life and are basically maintenance-free
●It can be equipped with relevant testing instruments to detect the welding quality on line and give an alarm to the welding defects that may 
occur in the welding process in time so as to timely reweld and avoid the phenomenon of belt breaking

It is mainly used for welding automobile partsbattery modulesaviation parts galvanized composite pipes and other products.

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