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Laser Cladding

Laser is a new surface modification technology. By adding cladding material to the substrate surface and using laser beam with high energy density to melt with the substrate surface thin layerthe substrate surface can form a filler cladding layer which is combined with metallurgy. Laser cladding technology applied to surface treatment can greatly improve the surface hardnesswear resistancecorrosion resistancefatigue resistance and other mechanical properties of the partswhich can greatly improve the service life of the material.At the same time it can also be used for the disposal of waste productssaving a lot of processing costs.
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●High efficiency. Due to the high surface density (105-1012w /cm2) of the laser beam on the material the action time is very short.The heating speed is fast and the efficiency is high
●Good quality. Because the laser processing heat affected area is small and the natural cooling speed is fast as well as the processing part deformation is small. With high hardness and good wear resistance the lifespan can be increased 3-4 times
●The processing is convenient and flexible. Because the laser can be easily transmitted for a long distance the special parts such as groove wall bottom small hole blind hole and crankshaft can be processed as long as the light beam can reach
●Easy for precise control. The process can be controlled by computer to realize laser beam fast large area scanning and accurate control of machining parameters
●No pollution. Laser processing does not produce 'three wastes' and do not need 'three wastes'treatment 
●High efficiency

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Laser cladding can be applied to the rapid manufacturing of metal parts which can reduce the manufacturing process of workpiece saving cost and improving the quality of parts. It is widely used in aviation military petroleum chemical industry medical equipment and other aspects. Laser cladding can also be used to remanufacture waste products.

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