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Employment concept

1、 Election: open and fair

  Reasonable human resource planning, extensive recruitment channels and strict screening mechanism are the key to obtain a higher level of human capital. In accordance with the principle of "fair competition, strict assessment, selective admission and two-way selection", in the selection of employees, in addition to the special quality and ability in line with the post qualification, they should also investigate their values, personality characteristics and other psychological factors, so as to select the employees who are consistent with the corporate culture or may accept the corporate culture, so as to effectively avoid the morale of employees caused by improper selection Negative phenomena such as low flow rate and too fast flow rate.
In the selection criteria, the company has its own set of unique standards and methods. Not based on the background and education background, pay attention to the candidate's quality and potential, should have the following four hard characteristic indicators: identify with the company's culture and philosophy; have spontaneous motivation; integrity; strong learning ability. In the selection method, we use advanced evaluation methods: evaluation center evaluation technology, structured interview and personality and psychological test. Different subjects require different test methods to reduce the subjective deviation in the original interview, so as to really select the best.

2、 Education -- comprehensive training to improve quality

  Training is a very important talent cultivation mechanism. The company attaches great importance to personnel training, respects the objective law of talent growth, makes training the best welfare of employees, and enables employees at different levels to find the course content suitable for their own growth. The company has established the "radium laser" training mode. The courses are classified according to professional knowledge and ability and quality. The crisscross curriculum system ensures that employees of different levels and functions can receive corresponding training, purposefully and pertinently improve the quality of employees at all levels, improve the knowledge and culture level and management concept of employees, and ensure that the quality of employees and the development of the enterprise increase simultaneously Long.

  Staff training and personnel training is a long-term project, which must be carried out continuously with goals and plans. The essence of training lies in abandoning "teaching people to fish" and insisting on "teaching people to fish". The company adheres to long-term training and full staff training. It takes training as a long-term investment and systematic project, strives to create a good learning environment and opportunities, ensure that employees have the basic knowledge, skills and attitude required by the post, create a mechanism and atmosphere of "learning enterprise", and timely grant new knowledge and skills in the process of enterprise development and growth, so as to continuously improve the staff The purpose of the quality of workers. Employees adhere to the new concept of "innovation, pragmatism, integration and sharing", actively participate in various training organized by the company and departments with an automatic and spontaneous attitude of seeking knowledge and innovation. Through the training, they constantly pursue self-improvement and achieve the goal of career planning. All kinds of training are the precious wealth of employees' life. At the same time, through training, personal ability can be improved and more promotion opportunities can be obtained, which is the necessary link and important basis for promotion and promotion.

3、 Make the best use of talents and optimize the allocation

  With its unique corporate culture, the company has created a good growth environment and career development space for talents, ensuring that the personal development opportunities of each employee and the enterprise development opportunities grow simultaneously. According to the needs of the long-term development of the enterprise, the human resources department boldly promotes, reasonably recruits, and scientifically reserves, fully optimizes the allocation of human resources, and ensures that people make the best use of their talents and fit their positions. In the specific operation, we should adhere to the following five points: first, we should appoint people on their merits, and the close relationship with leaders is not the standard of employment; second, we should pay attention to ability, ability is more important than academic degree, and we should pay attention to the knowledge and self-cultivation behind the education, not the degree itself, but the knowledge and self-cultivation behind it; third, the internal talent selection Giving priority to the cultivation of internal talents is an effective incentive measure for the internal staff; the fourth is to pay attention to the advantages of talents, taking the personal characteristics as the starting point, and paying attention to the advantages of talents; the fifth is the principle of appropriateness. Arranging the right person in the right position is the highest criterion for employing talents, and the just in time talent is more important than excellent talents.

The company has established a strict talent competition and talent assessment mechanism, and the assessment results are directly linked with salary and post appointment and dismissal, so as to boldly employ outstanding young talents. The strict talent assessment mechanism has played a role in the survival of the fittest, and also made many outstanding talents stand out from various positions in the company and become management talents at all levels of the company. Through a variety of ways to develop talents, the company has trained a strong professional, knowledge and skills, practical management personnel team.

4、 Stay -- love and career

  The company has always adhered to the principle of keeping people in line with their feelings and career. Through the implementation of career development, salary, competitiveness of corporate culture construction, welfare construction and multi-channel, multi-directional emotional communication and other measures, from the hardware and software aspects to stimulate staff enthusiasm, to achieve the purpose of retaining people.

  The growth and achievement of employees come from their own sense of belonging. The company is a big family, and the leader is the parent. The company organizes employees to participate in the construction of corporate culture and truly become the master of the enterprise. The company organized many group activities for employees, such as Jiuzhaigou tour, Wuyishan tour, Huangshan tour, Suzhou peripheral tour, and outward bound training, so that the employees can feel the care of the enterprise and the fair and harmonious working environment that the enterprise strives to create for them; the staff suggestion box is carried out from time to time, so that the employees can have the channel to express their opinions, and let the management communicate with the employees more To integrate into a team of common pursuit and common development, and truly achieve "emotional retention".

    The company has developed a sound internal recruitment mechanism, employees can apply for the corresponding positions according to their own advantages and characteristics. The human resources department will also investigate the employees at different stages, and give some suggestions to the employees according to their personality, characteristics, interests and specialties, so as to promote the employees to give full play to their strengths, reach their own career peaks, ensure the success of personal work, and reflect the "career retention".

Enterprises are the main body of market competition, and talents are the main force of market competition. The construction and training of talent team is an important force to promote the scientific and technological progress of the company, to continuously expand and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The company has always adhered to people-oriented and talent construction as the center, providing more opportunities and space for employees' career planning, creating necessary conditions for employees' technical innovation and management innovation, and recognizing and rewarding employees with outstanding performance and outstanding contribution, so as to provide continuous opportunities for staff development and realize the win-win situation between employee value and company value. Radium laser is going all out to build a high-level talent team with strong professional quality and high management ability!

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